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English version

English Narrator - Oleg Liptsin

by Nicolai Gogol

iTE-Taipei presents:

adapted and directed


Oleg Liptsin

executive producer

Ai-Cheng Ho

traditional Chinese musical instruments -

Cheng-Han Wu

video projection -

Yi-Chun Hsu

choreography -

Pei-Yu Chen

costumes - 

Yu-Sheng Li

lights -

Yu-Lei Hsu


     “The longer and more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder it becomes.” 

Nikolai Gogol

​premiered at Taiwan National Theater
in September 2011

performed in Taiwan - 2012,

at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013



Akaky -

Ai-Cheng Ho

Narrator -

Wen-Pin Lin

Musician -

Cheng-Han Wu

English Narrator -

Oleg Liptsin 



assistant director -

Hans Yang

production manager -
Amy Liu

Poetic expression of Gogol’s classic in the era of internet technology. Multimedia cross-border performance. Original combination of Chinese theatrical traditions and music with modern European physical theatre and projection technologies.

'"An amazing show in so many ways!.."

Richard Wheeler, Edinburgh


to read reviews from Edinburgh Festival click on the icon



Chinese version

Akaky - Ai-Cheng Ho               Narrator - Wen-Pin Lin

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